Faculty and students in the UCF College of Arts & Humanities are engaged in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects. The college provides resources to assist faculty in securing funding for their research, while promoting and encouraging these activities.

Recent Publications

Francois-Xavier P. Gleyzon

“A New Cartographer: Rabih Alameddine and An Unnecessary Woman” in Christian Beck (Ed.), Literary Spaces of Resistance. London: Palgrave (2020)

Christian Beck

"Robin Hood and Resistance: Spatial Foundations for Vigilante Action," English Studies.

Christian Beck

“Introduction: Resistance, the Outside, and the Creative Act” in Literary Spaces of Resistance: Transformative Spatiality in Literary and Political Discourse. Ed. Christian Beck.

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Florin M. Mihai

Purmensky, K., Nutta, J., Mihai, F.M., Monroe, L., Mendez, L., & Xiong, Y.(2020). Micro-credentialing of English learner teaching skills (MELTS): Innovative practices in digital badging. In T. Erben (Ed.), 40 years SSTESOL: A chronicle of ESOL advocacy, research and practice in Florida. Sunshine State TESOL Press.

Shelley M Park

Shelley M. Park and Dakota Park-Ozee, "Gendered Divisions of Labor in the 21st Century Academy: Research, Teaching, and Service," International Handbook of Gender Equity in Higher Education, eds. Nancy Niemi and Marcus Weaver-Hightower (Wiley-Blackwell, 2020) 375-395.

Ann Gleig

Ann Gleig and Amy Langenberg, "Centering Survivors? Methodological Reflections on Abuse, Sex, and the Sangha," The Shiloh Project https://www.shilohproject.blog/sexual-misconduct-and-buddhism-centering-survivors/?fbclid=IwAR2x4GhHLDc7QIafD39AK0Xh4l9RSCf5fORmD3l5A5CgJlLNhUQ5VusZ4WA

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