Faculty and students in the UCF College of Arts & Humanities are engaged in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects. The college provides resources to assist faculty in securing funding for their research, while promoting and encouraging these activities.

Recent Publications

Jonathan Beever

Beever, J. (Ed). The Horror of Relations: The Dark Side of Interdependence. Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield). Forthcoming Fall 2020.

Mel Stanfill

Salter, Anastasia, and Mel Stanfill. In press, October 2020. A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy: The Construction of Authorship in Transmedia Franchises. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.   

Sandra Sousa

(With Gergana Vitanova, Emily Johnson, Amy Giroux, Don Merritt) “Assessing the Impact of Game Modalities in Second Language Acquisition: ELLE the EndLess Learner.” Journal of Universal Computer Science 26.8 (2020): 880-903.

Florin M. Mihai

Purmensky, K., Xiong, Y., Nutta, J., Mihai, F.M., & Mendez, L. (2020). Microcredentialing of English learner teaching skills: An exploratory study of digital badges as an assessment tool. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 20(1), 199-226.

Sandra Sousa

“Dogs, Cats and Underwear, or How We Survived the Online Transition.” Faculty Focus 19.2. (2020): 8-9.

Ann Gleig

“Engaged Buddhism.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. Oxford University Press.

Example Projects