Faculty and students in the UCF College of Arts & Humanities are engaged in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects. The college provides resources to assist faculty in securing funding for their research, while promoting and encouraging these activities.

Faculty and staff: the CAH RESEARCH MINI-SITE is your one-stop shop for information on the proposal process, funded grants, resources, and more.

Recent Faculty Publications

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Tison Pugh

Chaucer's Losers, Nintendo's Children, and Other Forays in Queer Ludonarratology. University of Nebraska Press, 2019. 

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Cheryl Briggs

Briggs, C. (2019). Animating Short Stories: Narrative techniques and visual design. London: Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN: 978-1350103924

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Chrissy Kolaya

Other Possible Lives: poems. KY: Broadstone Books, 2019.

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Nicholas Shrubsole

Shrubsole, N. What Has no Place Remains: The Challenges for Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canada Today. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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Jake Wolff

The History of Living Forever. NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2019.

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Martha García

Cervantes entre la Reforma y la Contrarreforma. España en el contexto literario de las reformas religiosas. Pontevedra: Academia Editorial del Hispanismo, 2019. [February] ISBN 978-84-176960-6-1. [Spain]

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