Faculty and students in the UCF College of Arts & Humanities are engaged in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects. The college provides resources to assist faculty in securing funding for their research, while promoting and encouraging these activities.

Recent Publications

Keri Watson

Watson, Keri. “‘With a Smile and a Song’: Representations of People with Dwarfism in 1930s Cinema.” Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 14:2 (2020): 137-54. Print.

Rochelle Hurt

“Thigh High,” “My Apologies,” “Prayer for Containment." Bennington Review (Spring 2020). Poetry.

Scott Warfield

Review-Essay of: Oxford Music Online in "Digital Resource Review," Nineteenth-Century Music Review (published online Spring 2020, awaiting specific issue assignment) 

Bill Fogarty

"The Rhubarbarian's Redress: Tony Harrison and the Politics of Speech." Twentieth-Century Literature. June 2020.

Martha García

"Don Quijote y la teoría de la literatura. Avant-garde en el teatro y filme contemporáneo." Anuario de Estudios Cervantinos  16 (2020): 159-71.

Ann Gleig

"Sexual Violations in American Buddhism: Interpretive Frameworks and Generative Responses" Ten Thousand Things http://blog.shin-ibs.edu/sexual-violations-in-american-buddhism-interpretive-frameworks-and-generative-responses/   

Example Projects