CAH Alumni Chapter Board

The UCF College of Arts & Humanities Alumni Chapter (formerly the School of Visual Arts & Design Alumni Chapter) exists to enhance the lives of graduates from the college, help them stay connected to their alma mater, and offers many other ways to bring CAH alumni and friends together to help make a difference in the lives of CAH students. Our chapter board members dedicate their time and effort through volunteering and philanthropy through events and programming that fosters personal and professional connections, collaboration and creative dialogue, community engagement, outreach and visibility.

Holly Kahn ’93

Vice Chair
Vanessa Loomie ’15

Communications Chair
Eric Michael ’96

Philanthropy Chair
Georginia Hurge ’12

Mentorship Chair
Jonathan Wicker ’13

Sponsorship Chair

Events Chairs
Crystal Colvenbach ’12
Karen Toney ’14

Hospitality Chairs
Chris James ’16
Heather Krapp ’12

Community Outreach Chair
David Moran ’14

Member at Large
Dave Schreier ’02, ’10

Events Committee
Alex Burnett ’14
Arielle-Christine Study ’13
Angela Connolly ’95

Student Liaison
Brandon Nightingale ’16

Faculty Liaison
Dr. Maria Cristina (MC) Santana, Program Director/Associate Professor for Women’s and Gender Studies Program at UCF

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, College of Arts and Humanities
Azela Santana

For information on available positions with the CAH Alumni Chapter Board and to discuss your interest and explore potential opportunities within the College of Arts and Humanities, please contact Azela Santana.