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2016-2017 Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award Recipients


The University of Central Florida’s Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) rewards sustained high levels of teaching effectiveness. The university awards as many as 40 new TIPs to the colleges each year. The number of TIP awards available in a college is based on the total number of eligible faculty in a given year. Eligible faculty must have been employed by UCF for at least four (4) years and meet or exceed median student credit hour (SCH) production.

The following CAH Faculty have been selected by the Provost’s office to receive the 2016-2017 TIP Awards:

  • Christian Beck - English
  • Cheryl Briggs - School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Mason Cash - Philosophy
  • Matthew Dombrowski - School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Ann Gleig - Philosophy
  • Steffen Guenzel - Writing & Rhetoric
  • Keith Koons - Performing Arts-Music
  • Paul Martin - Writing & Rhetoric
  • Adem Ozoglu - History
  • Shelly Park - Philosophy
  • Carla Poindexter - School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Angela Rounsaville - Writing & Rhetoric
  • Judi Siegfried - Performing Arts-Theatre
  • Maria Spina - Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Allison Stack - Writing & Rhetoric
  • Ezekiel Walker - History
  • Margaret Zaho - School of Visual Arts and Design
  • Hong Zang - History

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