College of Arts and Humanities

Faculty Directory

Faculty and Staff List

Name Position E-mail Phone
Jeff Moore Dean 407 823-2573
Lyman Brodie Executive Associate Dean 407-823-0743
Lynn Hepner Associate Dean of Academic Programs 407-823-2251
Cathy Radzai Assistant Dean N/A
Nancy A. Stanlick Associate Dean 407-823-2161
Patricia Coderre Office Manager 407-823-2528
Matthew Dunn Web Project Manager 407-823-5313
Trisha Farmer Assistant Director of Academic Programs 407-823-4239
Heather S Gibson Director, Public Relations 407-823-5095
Jean Gonzalez Administrative Support N/A
Patty Hurter Assistant Director, Academic Support Services 407-823-2126
Suzanne Lin Administrative Services Coordinator N/A
Sue Ann Mann Administrative Assistant N/A
Denise Matias Accountant N/A
Mannong Pang Web Applications Developer Assistant 407-823-5313
Wendy Sánchez Pérez Office Assistant N/A
Sean Reedy Student Assistant N/A
Kara Robertson Director for Advancement N/A
Edna Rolle Administrative Assistant 3-0119
Eileen Ryan Senior Administrative Assistant N/A
Azela Santana Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving N/A
Joe Schofield Assistant Director, Administrative Services 407-823-6496
Kacey Stensrud Coordinator, Research Programs/Services N/A
Ashli Van Horn Instructional Facilities Scheduler N/A
Victoria Weston Marketing Specialist 407-823-1732
Neida Mora-Maus Associate Director, Resources and Facilities 407-823-3253
Kristin Wetherbee Director of Research Programs/Services 407-823-0908
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