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The College of Arts and Humanities seeks to enhance and develop programs of excellence in both the arts and humanities that are recognized for their academic quality, creative output and economic impact in our community.


The College of Arts and Humanities embodies the heritage of human learning and is committed to advancing and disseminating knowledge in the visual and performing arts and the humanities. CAH welcomes the excitement of new knowledge in the areas of technology, diversity, and interdisciplinary studies. These areas afford the College of Arts and Humanities a unique opportunity to create partnerships with the surrounding metropolitan area.

The College of Arts and Humanities cultivates the examined life. We provide the foundation, knowledge, and skills for individuals to act thoughtfully and ethically, in both public and private roles. We nourish respect for the rich artistic and humanistic contributions of all cultures. This respect is tempered and enhanced by the critical reflection and evaluative skills nurtured in our College. We prepare students to solve the problems of our society by fostering broad knowledge, precise expertise, critical and creative thinking, and skills with which to effectively utilize technology. Our central goal is to help students develop their talents to pursue a lifetime of learning.

The College of Arts and Humanities readies students to be intellectually agile and decisive in a society that demands problem-solving and flexibility. We lay the foundation for professional skills and encourage students to combine these skills with public service and an appreciation for diversity, freedom of expression, and open-mindedness. We seek to enrich the lives of our students and the life of our community.

The faculty of the College of Arts and Humanities is composed of dedicated scholars and artists, all committed to the freedom of expression and the flow of ideas and information that is the foundation of critical thinking and scholarly inquiry, and to artistic creation. We contribute to furthering knowledge that benefits our community. At the same time, we challenge conventional wisdom through our inquisitiveness, good communication, and good citizenship. We engage in small and great debates that promote scholarship, constructive social and aesthetic criticism, and the excitement of learning.

The faculty provide a positive context for study, preparing students through academic challenges, innovative ideas, and practical applications for the demands and opportunities facing them in the 21st century. We pursue international communication among educators and students, offering programs and research that are global in scope yet have important local impact. Our programs support the University's fundamental educational mission by giving students the crucial knowledge housed in general education and specialized studies, and by sharing the University's expectations for activity throughout the campus and the community.

We are optimistic that in preparing people for a life of education and learning, the College of Arts and Humanities is fulfilling the goal of all education: to produce persons ready to take on the challenges of the future. In order to reach this goal, we recognize the need to use diverse pedagogical methods, appropriate for each discipline.

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