Dean’s Office Staff

Lyman Brodie

Lyman Brodie

Executive Associate Dean

Lynn Hepner

Lynn Hepner

Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Cathy Radzai

Cathy Radzai

Assistant Dean

Nancy A. Stanlick

Nancy A. Stanlick

Associate Dean

Patricia Coderre

Office Manager

Matthew Dunn

Web Project Manager

Trisha Farmer

Assistant Director of Academic Programs

Heather S Gibson

Director, Public Relations

Patty Hurter

Assistant Director, Academic Support Services

Suzanne Lin

Administrative Services Coordinator

Sue Ann Mann

Administrative Assistant

Denise Matias


Pamela McGlinchey

Coordinator, Research Programs/Services of Research Programs/Services

Mannong Pang

Web Applications Developer Assistant

Wendy Sánchez Pérez

Office Assistant

Sean Reedy

Student Assistant

Kara Robertson

Director for Advancement

Edna Rolle

Administrative Assistant

Eileen Ryan

Senior Administrative Assistant

Azela Santana

Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving

Joe Schofield

Assistant Director, Administrative Services

Ashli Van Horn

Instructional Facilities Scheduler

Neida Mora-Maus

Associate Director, Resources and Facilities

Kristin Wetherbee

Director of Research Programs/Services